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Acerbic Film and Entertainment specializes in video marketing for businesses, individuals, and events. The Acerbic team will work with you to convey your message and target your audience, whether this is your first time exploring video marketing or whether you work with video production companies on a regular basis. Read on to see how Acerbic sets itself apart from its peers in the industry and can assist you in achieving your video marketing goals.

Why are promotional videos important to your brand or event?

In recent years, the importance of video promotion has grown in many ways. In particular, online video promotion has become a successful medium for communicating information. According to Lightspeed research, out of all media platforms, online video is history's fastest growing[i]. With 83.3% or approximately 176 million of American internet users watching videos online[ii] each month, individuals and businesses can not afford to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of video marketing.

Why choose Acerbic Film and Entertainment?

Acerbic's portfolio is as diverse as its team. Because our team is drawn from a number of different industries, we possess the necessary knowledge and experience to work with any client.

Check out our most recent work, such as showcasing the unique nightlife at Tammany Hall in the Lower East Side, and capturing the
experience of being an audience member at an Eternal Reign Ldn Fashion Show on our Vimeo page:

How can I find out more information?

Call or email us today to set up a meeting to discuss how Acerbic Film and Entertainment can assist you in reaching your video marketing goals. We can be reached at (646) 237-4125 or by email at: info [AT]

We look forward to working with you!

Acerbic Film & Entertainment
817 Broadway (Fifth Floor)
New York, NY 10003

Phone: (646) 237-4125
Email: Info [AT]




*Please note $2,500 is a starting price. Price for individual video project depends on options selected.

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