Port of call Civitavecchia? (Rome, Lazio)

Posted: Over 6 years ago
Price: $263.88
Location: Rome, Lazio

If you are coming on a cruise I can welcome you by the Port of Civitavecchia and take you to Rome by train (cost for a daily ticket around 12,00 euro per person) or limo (costs to be quoted from tour to tour). Or, if you prefer, at Civitavecchia we can rent a car and drive all along the shore to Rome (cost of the car around 120 euro) and then lead you on a visit to the Eternal City..
I offer high quality but low cost cultural guided walking full day tours.
With or without out entering in the archeological sites or museums, but, whenever is possible, entering in one of the “free-entrance-no-reservation-museums“, that is: one of the many Churches of Rome where the most beautiful Byzantine mosaics and/or best masterpieces of many artists like Caravaggio are exposed for free, we are going to see (may be better then entering and paying the ticket) the Aurelian walls, the Circus Maximus, the Palatine and Aventine Hills where all stories of Rome started, The Colosseum (outside),the Roman Forum (stage of 2700 years of triumphal marches, sacrifices, political meetings, elections, fightings, revolutions, murders, conspirations, etc. ) the Capitol Hill, the Theatre of Marcellus, the Tiberine Island, the Mouth of Truth, the Temples of Portunus and of Hercules, Piazza Venezia (where we’ll see the Victor Emanuel and the Unknown Soldier Memorials, Mussolini’s Balcony, Napoleone Bonaparte’s Palace), the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon (inside), Piazza Navona and the Vatican (St’ Peter’s inside)

For lunch we may first go to a pictoresque local outdoor fruit and vegetable market and then take you at one of our homes and show you how to make a very good “roman” pasta, “amatriciana”, for example and of course…you will also eat it!
At the end of the walking tour we’ll lead you to the closest train station and help you taking your train back to the port.

Average time all included: 7/8 hours. Cost: flat rate of 250,00 euro for a maximum of 5 guests.
No train tickets, no entrance fees included (return train tickets cost around 12 euro per person).

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